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Who Is The Ultimate GodParent For Your Child?

Welcome back again to yet another piece of my thought. Today I decided to shine the light on a topic that I am always very intrigued with, which is “the reason why we choose who we choose as God Parents for our children.

God Parent your choice

A Godparent is one who presents a child at baptism and promises to take responsibility for their religious life and education, to lead them in the path of Gods ways, and to stand in the gap of the child’s parent morally and spiritually.

How I chose godparents for my kids

While Some religions require you to baptize a child as an infant, others encourage that a child comes to a certain level of maturity before engaging in baptism. Different churches also have different requirements to fulfill before becoming a Godparent but that is not our point today. Today we want to hear from you the reasons you picked the person your child has as a Godparent.

I was fortunate to have been baptized when I was around 11 years old so my parents let me choose who I wanted as my Godparents, I am still thankful today that I choose them. Why I choose them is a question I do not have an answer for.

I have now a 13-year-old daughter who is yet to be baptized and picking her Godparent is something we have talked about so many times though I want her to be the person who makes that choice I also know I have to guide her properly with her decision. We will come back to how or what tools I am using to guide her with this big decision.

On the other hand, my son Kory died at age 5 before we could baptize him. Baptism was not something on the table when it came to the children until when it was obvious that Kory had a few minutes, hours, or days left on earth. The Chaplin at the hospital was scheduled to do the baptism but because Kory’s father insisted on his sister being the Godmother I could not stand the fact that someone who I know is not spiritually fit will stand as a Godparent for my child, I also wanted someone else to be since we could not come to an agreement, Kory never got baptized before he died. Today, If there is anything I regret in life, it is that my baby never got to baptize before his death.

I find that so many of us choose Godparents for our children for so many reasons some of which are based on the mere fact that the person has a high societal status, that they have a certain degree of money, that they are best friends or someone who had done a favored for them before.

My best friend just had a new baby girl and last weekend my daughter and I went over for dinner. As I held the baby enjoying a mummy daughter time with her, my daughter walked close to me and asked if I was the baby’s Godmother, I redirected her to the baby’s parent but they did not give her an answer. Well after that question I could not help but think of what qualities people look for in their child’s Godparent, Careful thought should go into choosing Godparents.

What to look for

Remember I promised to come back to the criteria my daughter and I are putting together as we make this big decision. Amongst so many are

1. The person must be God fearing

2. The person must be someone who has ever randomly prayed with and for her

3. The person must be someone who treats everyone and not just is on a kind manner

4. The person should be someone we are sure we will want on our lives forever because just like parents we can’t go changing Godparents.

5. Someone who will lead her in the ways of God

While we do not have the choice to pick who our biological parents are, we do have the chance to rectify that with our God parents, choose wisely.

What are some of the things you look for when choosing Godparents for your kids?

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23 Responses

  1. I think we share the same views when it comes to choosing God parents for our kids. I too was blessed to be baptized around the age of 10 or 11 but my God mother was chosen by my parents. I think being a God parent is something special and should be taken with all seriousness. I love that you specifically have guidelines to follow in making that decision. I will definitely copy those guidelines. My favorite one is #4, the relationship has to be consistent. No disappearing acts. Great post!

  2. God ? Bless ? And Increase You Amillion Times ?♥️ You Have A Heart ? Full Of Love ♥️ Which Is What God Wants Us To Do. You Are My Role Model Lots Of Love ♥️ From Us In S.A

  3. Wow…my little sister …thank you for exploring this very important topic .I totally agree with you and your beautiful daughter ..the qualities we should be looking for …I am a God parent for two very loving children in New York…I take them to the park during the summer when the parents are very busy etc…but reading from you and your daughter …I will do more.

  4. What an episode of Kory’s Baptism. Have faith Kory is enjoying in the company of God’s children. Our lord says, let little children come to Him without hindrance ( Mark 10:14). The Catholic doctrine also teaches that children who have died without being baptized will still see God face to face because God is kind, loving and merciful.
    We chooses our son’s Godparents based on point 3, Make I start look ticket for attend Bsptism?

  5. Beautiful write-up with the best answers expected. I baptized my kids while they were still babies but im glad the Godparents we chose are God fearing. We picked them for being good people and close friends and family, never even dived into if they were God fearing but thank God it was not a bad choice we made

  6. Great article and very educational on how to choose a godparent. This is a great responsibility to parents in guiding their kids to the right direction

  7. Baptized as an infant, i had very little or no interaction with my godparents. And i often wondered why my parents choose them. Now as a mom, i know better. I need someone just like you mentioned who has the fear of God in them, always present and prayerful. Someone with exemplary character that my child can look up to. Someone who shares in my responsibility to ensure that my child is rooted in the ways and teachings of the Lord.

  8. You write so well. I enjoyed reading, I think selecting a good personal friend would last longer in the child’s life than someone who meets all those God criteria. Someone that despite their believes, would mean well for the child always. The assumption inherent in your criteria is that the God fearing person today would always be God fearing right, in 5 years, 10 years etc , not really. So that’s why I would pick a good personal friend that at-least I can project, with some degree of certainty, that they would always be there for the child. By the way, my wife’s baptism is wearing off. I need help selecting another Godparents for her because looks like the God fearing one’s did not work out so well.

    1. Another insightful and thought-provoking article!!!!

      BRAVO ? on braving a topic so many people barely skim on, prior to making that commitment as either the parents of the child or the chosen God parent.

      This is a serious duty to take up and it is not to be taken lightly!
      The general assumption and expected role tied to being a God parent is that of taking over everything pertaining to that child in the event their parents pass on or for whatever reason become incapacitated in anyway, inhibiting them from caring for their child. You officially assume that role as a parent fully.

      In light of the latter, I strongly agree with you on numbers 4 and 5. As far as 4, that is clearly tied to all mentioned above and 5 is relative for me. Yes, God fearing for sure, but so long as they lead the child correctly and in the right direction generally, I am good with that.

      In summary, if you know you are incapable of even one of the above expectations, please, kindly decline the offer from the parents and vice versa!

      The right or wrong God parent can easily make or break a child’s future if/when it boils down to tgem taking on their role.

  9. God parent should definitely be choosen wisely. I got the opportunity to choose my Godparent and to be honest I really just needed someone to get through baptism and it really had no meaning for me at that time . I actually lost contact with them and we have no relationship today which for me is not right. I totally share your point of view on that. It’s terrible how in life sometime pattern of behaviors followed us. My husband is catholic and I’m baptist. My kids got baptized at the same time with him and I was confronted to the situation that we needed a catholic person to be Godparents to them. The real person I had in mind for my kids is Baptist like me so they refused . I ended up choosing one person for the circumstances. Today my kids or my family has no contact and no relationship with that person. In my mind I always consider the one who couldn’t stand because of the religious barrier like the reel Godmother to my kids because again she has been there for them, prayed for and with them and guided them, she is still doing it today . Thanks for your thoughts!!

  10. What a great article from a powerful lady. Thanks for sharing. The first thing I will look for in choosing God parents for my children is, they have to be God fearing.

  11. Thanks for this insightful article on God Parents ? As a God Mother, I am reminded of the importance of my role.

  12. This gave me a chance to reflect on this issue a little more and reminded me of deeper conversations you and I need to have and also takes me back to a question you asked me. I won’t be surprised if you took time to reflect on that question too or if you already have. I will wait for the write up

  13. I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing. We should as a good parents to choose our kids godparents wisely. godparents should people who go to church and stay in church. Get connected with our kids through Jesus Christ. Not for status or wealth.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I believe God Parents should be people with exemplary character. Someone that can instill positive values and educate your child in becoming the best version of himself.

  15. What an interesting topic to talk about. I begin with Kory’s case May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. He is surely in heaven. The bible says he Kingdom of God is for children. Kory didn’t need to be baptized in order to merit Heaven. The says if want to enter heaven, let your heart be like that of a child. He needed being dedicated, when he would grown older enough he would have accepted Jesus and be baptized.
    Choosing a Godparent is a spiritual concern. We pray and God will guide us on who to choose. We have a list of envisaged persons, we pray over it and wait for God’s response. Therefore, join your daughter to pray for her Godparents. God alone sees deeper into individual hearts and not us.

  16. Good read! For me it’s simple. Individuals who I wouldn’t mind raising my children if I were to leave earth with good energy values that promote love.

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