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The Power Of Emotional Intelligence .

What is emotional intelligence?

To me, this is the way one deals or navigate their day to day activities/situations and relationships, the way they express and carry themselves that exudes wisdom and integrity.

Can you think of a time you listened to someone speak either to you or to someone else and you where super intrigued or blown away or attracted by that persons intelligence? Or the way they play with words, the way they deal with small or big things or how they carry themselves?

I can’t count the number of times this has happened to me but such people really come across very attractive. It becomes even super attractive and very admirable when such person understands and have mastered their emotions so much so that they have total control of it and also their environment. Now , how do you get to that point of super power?

Have you ever been told you are too mature for your age?

Emotional intelligence one of the skills in life you need to add to your list to continuously improve on. One day I sat on my dining table and sitting across me was a friend of mine visiting me on a cold afternoon. As he sat there sipping on a hot cup of tea carried on in very deep personal life conversations. I enjoy listening to people talk about their life journey and how they deal with challenges, I really do and our subject matter that afternoon was right on in. At some point he stopped and asked me *when and how did you do all this work to yourself?* I did not realize how much work I had done consciously and unconsciously on my emotional intelligence. I generally do not easily rest to situations that trigger me and that is one of my super powers.

What is your super power?

Being emotionally intelligent will help you in basically any relationship in your life. it helps you connect better with yourself there by paving the way for others to connect with you and your experiences.

When you have control of your emotions you can adapt to any environment you find yourself, you can deal and accommodate everyone regardless of their personalities

This trait also is one you will find in most happy people. I say this because happy people have mastered the act of not letter people or their environment easily make them angry or sat. Best practice I have practice over the years is to pick not more than 3 people in the world that has permission or should I say access to my emotional navigator. This has truly been the key to my happiness. learn how to regulate your emotions.

I am big on certain boundaries, I do not harbor a strict personality but I believe in solid boundaries. People who understand and have an emotional super power understand their boundaries and easily identify and respect other people’s boundaries.

How do you practice emotional intelligence? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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22 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful and insightful read on emotional intelligence! That’s definitely an asset a lot of people lack and could greatly benefit from. Thank you for creating more awareness on this topic! This was a great reminder for me to do a self check on how sturdy my emotional intelligence is!

  2. Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!
    You totally nailed all points!

    I can honestly say, I have succeeded to some extent to effectively master this craft of emotional intelligence. I completely resonate with all the keypoints mentioned in your article, but most importantly, the last bit which states, “People who understand and have an emotional super power understand their boundaries and easily identify and respect other people’s boundaries.”

    I also connect with these points you made, and I quote verbatim, “When you have control of your emotions you can adapt to any environment you find yourself, you can deal and accommodate everyone regardless of their personalities”, “Being emotionally intelligent will help you in basically any relationship in your life.”

    All in all, exceptional article ? ?

  3. This Bae got me reading!!! Lol I was looking forward to listening and watching a video. Nonetheless it was an easy good read. Thanks ?.
    Emotional intelligence to me is the single most effective way to manage the root of all our day to day problems.
    5 years ago, I knew nothing about emotional intelligence.
    Emotions are already extremely hard to navigate. I have a hard time identifying what I’m feeling. So, to me, I started by; Identifying my emotions and I’m still working on it. (One of the reasons I ?admire you so damn much). I feel like you have a grabs of what ticks you off, what makes you happy and so on and so forth. I’m giving priority to my emotions. Also, I have learned to say, ‘it’s not about me” Actually, not taking things so personal has helped me navigate my day in day out problems. Lastly I consult trustworthy friends and family for thier input. Gwen, I hate to write. So I will stop here

    1. Ok I will say this to you and I am very firm on what I am about the day, you need to keep writing. You just gave me the smartest insight write-up and then ended up with I do not like writing? Keep writing!!!!! Let me now apologize to you for not making a video instead, I know how much you love to see my face, I hear you and I will respond accordingly. I admire you too very very much, you are one stylish beauty radiant soul. May God bless you for all the love you shower me with

  4. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures and the subject of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is born out of knowledge also called self awareness. It is also a function of self control and restrain with elements of understanding of self and others, tolerance and patience. For society to evolve, it is necessary that we teach emotional intelligence : A mastery of one emotions, actions and reactions, triggers and insecurities. Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece that stimulates the thoughts

  5. You express emotional intelligence with so beautifully. Being emotionally intelligent is definitely an underrated super power.
    I will forever rate EQ everyday over IQ. Simply because I am a people person and relationships are very important to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Pick just 3 people who are worth the stress! There’s so much power in holding yourself together in anything situation. I speaks on different levels.

  7. Wow! Beautifully said. It is a work in progress for me. I am working on directing my emotional energy into something productive whenever I am overwhelmed. I pause, breathe and think before reacting to certain situations. Hopefully someday I’ll be at that point where I can totally and completely manage my emotions.

  8. Thanks for sharing this insight of a master piece of emotional intelligence with us. It is very important to set boundaries & in turn respect other people’s boundaries. This has been a very helpful tool for me. Keep up the good work u are doing

  9. May I say “another great piece”! Our community will be much better with great interpersonal relationships if we master our emotions and give others grace . Thank you for the beautiful and easy to read article. And BTW, your pictures, as usual, are very beautiful.

  10. Good read! Emotional intelligence is definitely a huge asset to have in any environment. It certainly is a route to understanding, compassion and an stress-free life, as you are more equipped with separating people’s emotions from yours, hence staying intentional solution driven. Thank you for sharing and triggering self-awareness.

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