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Is Your Work Life Balance?

Having a balanced lifestyle is to me one of the most important ingredients to have in an overall healthy well-being.

It is overwhelming when we think of the things we have to find a balance in our lives starting from diet, wellness, fitness, physical health, mental health, work, business, stress, family life, relationships, and social life; etc

Today let’s narrow it to our work-life balance. If you know me you know I am not a sucker for hard work. Call me lazy if you may, but I like to work just enough not to power myself out. I remember once I was told by a friend that he has never seen a nurse as lazy as I am. I don’t know if that was meant to make me feel bad or to push me to work more but to me, it was a huge compliment. You will agree with him that you will hardly find a nurse in the USA who hold only one job, oh well, that Nurse is me. Unfortunately, most of us need to work day in and day out to make ends meet but I quickly came to a realization that the soft life is for me and that meant finding my balance.

It is significant to note that what works for you, will be different for other people, but figuring out what works for you is so important. I have seen and heard so many stories of people who have suffered drastic consequences of overworking themselves. I always say I will not work and use the money to buy medication. I am by no means saying that working multiple jobs is bad, No matter what profession you have, no matter how many jobs you hold or are capable of holding, my plee is you should find a balance, don’t lose your kids in the process, do not lose your relationships or fall sick or even die in the process. Work without play is a strategy for disaster.

How to find a BALANCE

1. Know your limits

2. Leave within your means

3. Take care of yourself

4. Find and Make room for the things that you enjoy in life.

5. Be intentional

6: Have a home that is free of drama, clear and declittered to come to.

7. Set goals and be organize

8. Be consistent doing the things you enjoy

9. Maintain a positive mindset

10. Pray

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13 Responses

  1. Work-life balance is essential for a wholesome experience of all that can be enjoyed in our lives. Different people have different definitions of what work- life balance is. Some people can hold two jobs and still find a way to balance relationships family and all intricacies of life while others can only manage one thing at a time but I’m like you, I no like stress. Finding ways to reach a balance will change how one person prioritizes different aspects of their lives and living in a community. I always appreciate that you provide possible solutions. My favorite one is living within your means and knowing your limits. Great post as always.

    1. Hahaa hahaaaa!! Thank you once more for this read. GWEN!! I feel like you were listening on a conversation I had with a friend this past week. We were talking about over achievers like herself who is always on the-go and people like myself, who do the bare minimum to be comfortable, however, stay guilty for not doing enough or should I say used to be guilty for making the decision to work less and do more of the things rewarding and soulful to me?
      From our conversation, I realized anything out of work, gives my friend anxiety. Even on “Vacation”, she is working.???? So, my question is what is work life balance, if working more is your peace?

      Well enough about my dear friend. Before I came to the decision of only working part time to help with my work-life balance, I spent a lot of money outsourcing support for personal tasks, my laundry, dishes, and mail piled up, waiting for the day when I “have time” to get around to them, I even outsourced raising my kids. When my children started loving Nanny more than Mommy, I be get to do something.
      I started really small, practicing to maintain a good work life balance. Honestly, using most of your solutions. Today, I’m unapologetic about feeding my soul. It’s honestly a struggle sometimes ???? but what isn’t?
      Thanks again!! But I beg for Video..

  2. This is so true, sometimes we feel like just getting all the money out there. But really working within your limits absolutely helps with good mental health and less stress. Maybe in your next write up you can tell us how to set goals that keep us within our limits.

  3. Thank you so much sis for this reminder as it is a necessity to create balance in our lives if we desire to thrive in the abundance of who we are called to. Less we want for pick paper for this outside way we dey inside soo.

  4. Yes our “self” time matters too. Imagine expending yourself to keep up with life demands , while making someone else dream more of a reality than yours. It’s good to help others but finding the balance as you mentioned is the key. And perhaps find time to name your own dream come true too. Even if it’s just resting and getting in tube in tune with you mind/ emotions.

  5. Good one. Work-Life balance is something a lot of people struggle with. Studies shows that, at a given time in an immigrant’s life 95% of them have held more that one job. It’s depends on what is prioritized in one’s life at that particular moment. Some might be helping sick ones, setting goals for project, trying to caught up on bills/credit cards etc.
    Some individuals are capable of balancing their life with multiple job and other aspect of their life. Like planning ahead, setting goals and timeline. As long as your physical and mental health are good, go for it. It makes some people happy.

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