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How To Change Your Entire Life Forever

Just like so many of you, I refuse to think that I am alone on this boat. I am not a mind reader but “What boat is she talking about?” must be the question on your mind. I am talking about The procrastination boat. I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed because I left everything for the last minute. When it comes to procrastinating I definitely take the lead. Bad for human growth but what do you do to counteract such a bad habit? Below are some rules that will change your life forever.

Rules To Consider

1. Always have a to-do list with a time frame. This will help you do things in a timely manner.

2. Go out and create your chances. You have to move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself on risky soil.

3. Freedom is paramount. Don’t run after the money. Run after the freedom that comes with having money. Two very different goals.

4. Train yourself to take nothing personally to save yourself from 99% of mental problems.

5. Don’t tell people more than they need to know. Respect your privacy.

6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and desire. You have what it takes to become the best that you can be. Don’t ever doubt yourself.

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