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February, The Black Winter

Although Febuary is considered the boarder between winter and spring, it is to me the coldest month of the season. It is consider harsh for so many reasons, one of which is so many of us are still struggling to recover from the vast extravagant spending we did during the holidays, some of us made trips back home to other states or countries to spend the holidays with family and that means spending spending spending.

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Well, if you fall in this pot then know I come for you bearing HOPE. You made it through the toughest part of the journey January. Now let us look at somany ways you can keep enjoying life and continue to grow and live intentionally as we celebrate the season of LOVE.

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Ways to celebrate Febuary. 1. Find time to do the things that brings joy to your soul. 2. Plan to treat yourself on valentines day with a gift or activity. 3. Plan an activity for everyday. It could be something as basic as a breathing exercises. 4. Send a love note to yourself everyday. 5. Start a new habit e.g budgeting. 6. Host a valentines day party. 7. Make yourself a priority with self care routines. 8. Identify someone you admire and find ways to be more like them or find a mentor. 9. Help someone in need. 10. Pray for someone you do not like

Now that we have identified 10 things to keep us going this February what are somethings you have done in the past that has helped you navigate life better during this month?

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  1. Love this❤️Thanks for sharing sis. I will definitely be doing 1&7.
    Hmmmm 8 is good one as well but hard to find.

    1. ??? the second part of your response got me smiling. I agree with you that that is a challenging one but might be the very one which we do desperately need. Let’s try it, I am on that wagon with you

  2. I do number 1 unconsciously lol I think I have to be more intentional about it henceforth. Now number 10 is something I’ve never done lol I should try that☺️

  3. I like the self care part and struggle to keep up with it because the people around me always seem to need a little portion of me. I think I just need to be a little more intentional to establish a self care routine.

    1. This is a good one to preach on but I will save it for another day. In a nutshell, remember you can not give what you do not have, people adapt to what we show them is priority to us. Now let’s start making those changes now!

  4. First of all, you look muah as usual ❤️. Been doing most of your suggestions, especially #s 1 and 9. With the economy nowadays and the prices of grocery items, I just started doing #9 for my household. It’s so difficult but doable. Thank God for store brands .

  5. Great motivation sis! I’m going to start with 3, 4 and 5. But it’s important to know that everything we want to achieve start with self-love. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  6. Men! This is awesome ?, it’s almost as if this is a letter written directly to me ?. Things that we minimize but can go such a long way to improve our lives. Talking about budgeting!! That one hit me hard lol, I think it’s high time. Thank you much for always sharing..

  7. Starting a routine and investing in self is definitely what we need. You have a beautiful was of making it look easy. And I certainly believe that improving in these areas also increases the quality we eventually bring to the people around us. It’s starts with ourselves.

  8. Coming from a beautiful woman makes it more beautiful ! # 1, 7, 8 & 9 got me. Self care is paramount
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Coming from a beautiful woman makes it sound more beautiful . # 1,7,8 & 9 got me. Self care is paramount. Thank you for sharing sis. Sending love ❤️. God is love.

  10. Beautiful Lady in PINK!? Thanks for this awesome message to start off a very cold February!! Yes to #1-#10!
    I have been reminding myself to trust the process of my manifestation ??

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