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Remember This When You Feel Like Giving Up.

Life we say is a gift, yes it is. Lately, I have woken up to past months of stories of girls taking their lives because of heartbreaks. To some extent I understand why someone will want to end their life, life truly gets tough sometimes and to say the truth most of us have at […]


I have said this and I will say it a million times again, I am not giving anyone the power to steal my joy! For a couple of years now I have been on an intentional journey of having a stress-free life. If you know me well you know that I do not like anything […]

“How Are You?” Why Do You Ask?

Wake me up please, it is Friday already. This week has definitely been a very fast one for me, Monday was just yesterday and today is Friday. Time passes by so fast when we are busy they say, but the question is busy doing what? I want to take ample time this weekend to intentionally […]

Is Your Work Life Balance?

Having a balanced lifestyle is to me one of the most important ingredients to have in an overall healthy well-being. It is overwhelming when we think of the things we have to find a balance in our lives starting from diet, wellness, fitness, physical health, mental health, work, business, stress, family life, relationships, and social […]

How To Change Your Entire Life Forever

Just like so many of you, I refuse to think that I am alone on this boat. I am not a mind reader but “What boat is she talking about?” must be the question on your mind. I am talking about The procrastination boat. I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed because I left everything […]


WOMAN EH EHH? EHHH!!!!! March 8th is the day reserved internationally to celebrate the woman and we are no exemption from that. Today’s society is obviously drifting so much so that it scared me that sooner or later they will raise a campaign to call it a female day, you know why? In a world […]

The NO In Boundaries

Boundaries (Series l) Boundary is simply what you consider ok and what is not okay. How Is It Possible To Establish Healthy Boundaries When You Can’t Comfortably Say No? Saying “NO” is one of the things I have battled with my whole life, I am still trying every day to grasp the concept that NO […]

Who Is The Ultimate GodParent For Your Child?

Welcome back again to yet another piece of my thought. Today I decided to shine the light on a topic that I am always very intrigued with, which is “the reason why we choose who we choose as God Parents for our children. God Parent your choice A Godparent is one who presents a child […]


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