Royal Warior


Every last Thursday in November is been celebrated as a national holiday in the united states as Thanksgiving Day. So many people use this opportunity to have a yearly sit down with loved ones expecially family.

This year has been tough for us all with unku Corona going around and it has been difficult for families to come together for family traditions and celebrations. So many people should be and would ve been staying home alone and just with immediate family members.

The people I really think about are those in nursing homes, it must be very hard. Families have not been able to go into nursing homes to see their relatives. For these reasons and more, most poeple in such situations are finding it hard to see beyond the curtain and find reasons to be thankful. Lets take time today to check on each other by phone calls, text messages, mailing card or dropping off gifts and food. A little goes a long way. This pass weekend I took time out to celebrate my birthday with love ones, I am greatful for having the opportunity to get older gloriously, I am greatful and thankful for good health, for my family and loved ones. Count your blessings and make and effort to share it with the universe.

I am still in celebration mode and though I will not be making turkey this year, I will be having alot fish and suya on a table full with love and smiles. Happy Thanksgiving

Dress : Vuvu Dress

Makeup : Glamour facese