Royal Warior

Cancer is a deadly disease

No One Should Fight Alone

Royal Warrior is a Social Enterprise that fights against cancer and supports those affected and their families in very unique ways.

What We Do

You Shouldn't Fight Alone

Our mission is to raise awareness, save lives, elevate self-esteem and support those affected and their families during and after treatment.

Our Mission

Support Cancer Patients

We are the group helping the underprivileged and needy people live a normal and healthy life by helping them and providing knowledge of the various treatment available.

Look Good, Feel Good

Our Look Good Feel Good program which is our signature program has been a huge success. The advantages and feedback from our warriors is amazing.


Life After Cancer Treatment

To so many people, cancer stops the days your chemotherapy end or treatment in general. But that is truly a myth. The journey at that point has just began for most people.

Understanding Cancer Diagnosis

Finding out you have cancer is very scary and can bring so many changes not only for you but also your loved ones.  At Royal warrior,we help you cope with cancer diagnosis.

Children And Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer in a child or teenager can be a devastating and traumatic period to parents and other family members as it presents some unique challenges.

Hospices Care

When cancer is very advanced and treatment is no longer working or has been stopped. What next? what happens when end of life is near? Hospice care provides compassionate care for such people.



Alone we can't,
but with you we can.

Help your community event celebrate cancer survivors, remember those lost to cancer, and fight back through fundraising, donating and spreading the word.


2,000 raised out of $10,000 project goal

We provide vital
help to people

As a ROYAL WARRIOR volunteer, you can honor a survivor, a loved one going through cancer, had gone through cancer or lost a love one to cancer. Help save the lives of people in your local community, and around the world

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